Thursday, August 14, 2008

Homemade... Not at Home

I love comida corrida.

Today was yet another hectic day in Mexico City (yes, still traveling). Still, we were still able to eat 100% homemade food with very little effort.

All it took was about a 3 minute walk, a 5 minute wait, and $13.75 USD for 4 of us.

There are tons of these little places all over town. This one is off a neighborhood street, turning into a sort of cul de sac. But the food is so good that everyone in the neighborhood knows about it. So despite not having great visibility, they run out of food relatively early every day.

It's the 3rd one of these I've gone to on this trip and definitely not the last.

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  1. The picture is of chiles en nogada. If you have never tried this dish, you're missing out.


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