Saturday, July 12, 2008

Not So Delighted Today

I sat down to get some writing done and 4 hours later I've managed to:

  • Open Word
  • Check email obsessively... on a sunny Saturday
  • Type a sentence
  • Suck down half a pot of Turkish coffee--no, I don't foresee sleeping ever again
  • Take movie quizzes on Facebook
  • Add friends to Facebook
  • Send good karma on Facebook
  • Erase the sentence I had previously written
  • Have a mini sandwich
  • Eat about 4 oz. of chocolate ice cream (definitely a highlight)
  • Put some cloths on
  • Lose my phone
  • Read the stuff I ignored all week in my Google Reader
  • Play the hangman game on my Scribble Pad (scroll to the bottom)
  • Find my phone
Well, it's safe to say these have been the least productive 4 hours I've had in quite some time. My muse is either gone, irritated, or losing her mind on all the caffeine I just ingested. She's sensitive like that.

Anyway, off I go to be social!


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