Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Heroics

by completelyknown

I love watching Law and Order (especially SVU), Without a Trace, The Closer, CSI... And it's more than the satisfaction of seeing bad guys busted---which I totally love. Every now and then the women in these shows just make me smile.

Growing up my mom loved Perry Mason, Hawaii 5-0, Moonlighting, and Charlie's Angels. You can just guess which one I liked. I had my own water gun and ├╝ber-shiny lip gloss (although mine was clear). I bagged bad guys and tossed my hair like the best of them.

And I wasn't alone, my brother and sister were also fighting crime and injustice in the backyard.

We played some combination of Fall Guy, Charlie's Angels, Superheros, and Star Wars. Or we'd toss in bionic abilities, telepathic powers, and Hulk-like transformations. Beachside we even had mermaids, Poseidon, and the Lochness monster to contend with.

It's summer, the season when our games were most imaginative and abundant. I guess that's why this is on my mind.

And when I watch bad-ass women kick butt and take names, I smile and wonder how many of those actresses used their bath towel for a cape, too.


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