Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nectar from Hell

Sodas are sweet, bubbly, delicious, and seductive nectar from hell. Why? High fructose corn syrup.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up coke for love or money, but I'm keeping much better track of how much I consume.

What is high fructose corn syrup?

HFCS is corn syrup that has been altered with enzymes in order to increase its fructose content. That makes it sweeter. Then it's mixed with pure corn syrup. It's cheap, easy to blend and transport, and has a long shelf life... so it's in a lot of products.

Why is it evil?

Because it's stealth. Your body doesn't produce insulin when HFCS hits your system. No insulin release means no leptin release.

Leptin is th stuff that tells your brain your full.

Without it, you're going to suck down all 44 ounces if that monsterous big gulp. The only thing that'll stop you is over-expanding. But by the time you get a stomach ache, it's too late---all 560 calories are in and on their way to your butt.


So now I treat sodas like dessert—instead of like a thirst quencher—and plan accordingly.


Because 20.6 million people over 20 in the USA have diabetes. Of these, 2.5 are of Latin American heritage. And 9.7 million of the grand total are women. I'm all about staying off this list.

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  1. Hi,
    Interesting post. I picked up your
    article with my google HFCS alert.
    I have been on a personal campaign
    to alert everyone I know about the
    treachery of HFCS. The real problem
    is that it has invaded our food supply.
    Go to
    P29-30 list all the products and
    foods that contain HFCS. There
    is hope lists foods
    that are HFCS-free. Also, you
    might visit They
    sell sodas in glass bottles sweetened with real sugar like it used to be. I believe they
    import Coca-cola from Mexico.
    Take care.


Thanks for the comment!


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