Monday, May 26, 2008


In the world of cats and dogs, I'm definitely a dog person. But in the world of dog or no dog, I'm a lover of other peoples pets.

This week, though, I had a furry little Shitsu for a visit: Jack.

Having Jack around certainly reminded me of what it was like to have a pet in the house. He's the best quadrupedal guest, I must admit.

I like his mellow nature, his happy demeanor, and his loyal ways. He would follow us around the house and flop out anywhere we paused to do something. He greeted us when we came home. And he stayed up with us until we went to bed. In fact, he was a near perfect guest.

Exceptions: the yacking on my carpet. Ok, that wasn't his fault. What mammal can control that sort of thing? But the pooping in my office... not cute.

And yet, those aren't the reasons--ok, those aren't the only reasons--why Jack reaffirmed the no dogs policy.

I can't help it, unless it's human and baby small, I won't voluntarily become a rise-and-shine-at-seven person. And I really won't deal with the 5:30 am wake up call from this morning.

And for all you cheerful early risers, yes, that is early!


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