Monday, April 14, 2008

Galveston Part II - Yum

On our second day in Galveston we treated ourselves to a short drive up and down the seawall, got a few things at the grocery store, and went back to the tree house. That's the home's nickname because of the enormous live oak in that hangs over the deck they created over the two-car garage.

What with the 1:30 am fishing excursion that ended at dawn, our head fisherman and his crew (save the one I kidnapped) were barely moving at noon, so we went to lunch.

They took us to this great little place called the Mosquito Cafe. The food was delicious and fresh, and their very green and shady outdoor patio was comfortable. It had a very laid back if-Austin-were-seaside sort of feel.

On the walk home we stopped by the Sunflower Bakery. Apparently their chocolate-covered pecan pie rocks this world. I have less of a sweet tooth, but the other four in our party were drooling uncontrollably. We also got some little almond cookies covered in powdered sugar that looked really good... though I was too slow, and missed out on those, too.

Anyway, back at the tree house, we got to painting and touching things up. And since we had some friends from Dallas who had come to Texas City to do some kite-surfing, we coordinated to have dinner with them.

I have no idea what happened between the time we finished our home improvement and the time we were preparing for dinner. Proudly I boast that I was completely unconscious, napping away on the couch.

Our kite-surfers arrived, visiting parents in tow, and we ended up having a great barbque on the back balcony. It included some especially good sausage we picked up at one of the many little corner stores. This one was along Post Office Street on the east side of town, somewhere around the intersection with 9th maybe? The sausage was some sort of meat, rice, and spice blend that went well with the roasted poblanos, grilled onions, steak, red wine, Greek salad, watermelon, coffee... mmmmmm....

As usual, it looked like a UN convention. Countries Represented: Greece, Indonesia, Spain, Mexico, and the US. Languages: 4.

We also got to meet their very interesting neighbor who is a teacher, actor, director, production manager, and Galvestonian (at least since junior high). Very representative of the artsy little town.

And unbelievably, after all that, our head fisherman and one of his crew took off on an expedition at around midnight. Unfortunately, this one turned out to be a catch-and-release mission, so I have no fish grilling stories to share. The only thing they brought home was a fishing rod and reel that they caught... yes, caught.

More to come...

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  1. Our UN-ish-al-fresco dinner was the best time I've had at our beach-Tree House. Live it to Carlos to turn a simple BBQ into a candle light - very mediteranean sophisticated BBQ.

    Eventhough, I always find it calming to visit our beach house just the two of us. My favorite thing is to share our little get-a-away with friends and even strangers. Also, Galveston has lots of hidden treasures that only the locals know about. Every time we visit, we discover a new thing about the town.

    Yap, we still regreted the catch and release fishing trip from last weekend.. Hmm, what a waist of fish.


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