Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Galveston Part III - Treasure Island Tour

Where was I? Ah, yes: Sunday.

Hubby and I woke up and wandered out to the back balcony where we sat in the sun and did absolutely nothing. It was glorious.

About an hour later, Irma came out and the three of us walked to Gorditas. It's a pretty authentic Mexican restaurant along the seawall. We ordered a few tacos, a huarache, some gorditas, and tamarind water; then we headed to the beach for a breezy picnic. Needless to say, Carlos and I decided to postpone our departure (originally set for noon). The beach has that effect on me.

Too much food later, we walked back home. At the Tree House, we alternated between catnaps and house cleaning, and then took off to catch the 1:30 Treasure Island Tour.

Now this was a sight! We boarded a pink-awning tour train driven by Chino, Irma's leather-clad, tatooed, buff, Harley-riding neighbor. Just seeing him do the tour on the girly train was so very worth it! LOL

Chino took us along the seawall, through a couple of neighborhoods, and through downtown. The "train" is one of those open air, multi-car vehicles that travels at a leisurely 15 miles an hour while our biker tour guide tag teamed with a prerecorded narration of everything along the way. It's a great and easy way to learn a lot about the town. And Chino is hilarious.

Coolest discovery: There's an oil rig just off the coast that has been turned into a museum open to visitors. Next trip.

Most fun fact: Every banana consumed in Texas passes through Galveston first. They're imported from Costa Rica and then distributed every which way.

Signature Fact: There are over 60 varieties of Oleanders in Galveston, and they all come from one plant. Apparently, the lady that started the Oleander craze gave cuttings to her friends, and over the years the island filled up with them. Today there are Oleanders on every street in Galveston.

Toward the end, we stopped at Mod's Cafe. Loved their latte! If we weren't mid choo-choo ride, I would've loved to stay on their sidewalk patio.

We went back to the Tree House and lounged about, ate more grilled yummies, tried to motivate to leave, lounged some more, finished cleaning up, and finally forced ourselves to get in the car. *sigh*

We had the best weekend. Well rested and with sun-kissed cheeks, we immediately began planning our return trip.


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