Thursday, March 20, 2008

Crowded Shower

Script Frenzy starts in 12 days, so I haven't set pen to paper--starting early takes the fun out of it. But I *am* holding auditions in the shower.

So far, I have four characters very loosely thought out and a basic plot with no ending. The plot points, though, are more of a car-coffee-traffic thing than a lather-rinse-repeat thing. And come to think of it, the idea for the story is something I chased down on the treadmill.

The one thing I can't decide is what sort of story it should be. Yes, my twisted mind has come up with creepy, funny, dramatic, and even surreal versions for this tale. But I can't do all those versions in one month. So help me decide.

Check out the poll on the right, and help me mess with the fate of my fake people.


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