Sunday, March 9, 2008

Be Kind Rewind

Jack Black is hysterical. Be Kind Rewind is a seriously goofy movie. No sophisticated humor here. And it's not a retarded-gross-jokes waste of time. No, this is an honestly creative and very funny film.

It's about a guy (Jerry, played by Jack Black) who is your basic train wreck. He lives in a junk yard and is ten kinds of paranoid about conspiracies in the government and microwaves and a million other insane theories. In ways I won't explain--because I would ruin a very funny bit--he manages to erase all the tapes in a video store where his friend Mike (played by Mos Def) works.

So Jerry and Mike try to "fix" their problem by filming their own version of the movies... using their zero budget, their zero acting skills, and their zero movie-making skills. And they're working against the clock to boot.

They come up with the most hysterical ways to to include all the characters and special effects. We laughed the entire movie. I'm actually laughing as I'm typing just remembering half the ridiculous things they do. You guys have to check this film out.


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