Monday, April 30, 2012

Ceviche in Paradise

One of the best post-wedding parts of this trip was revisiting Tulum. I don't mean the ruins. Yes, those are nice and the beach is beautiful, but I'm thinking of another obligatory destination: El Camello. This place serves THE BEST ceviche!

Some small selfish part of me wants to keep it a secret lest it become so popular that the menu is ruined with short cuts and modifications for bland palates. But it must be shared!

In this simple, but very popular restaurant, printed menus are available, but for us unnecessary. We were on a mission: to eat our weight in ceviche and fried fish. We didn't eat quite that much, but, again, as in years past, we most certainly ate until we couldn't move. I have no idea how, after so much ceviche, I managed to consume almost an entire fish. And I wasn't even all that hungry. No, my friends, this was pure indulgence.

Sorry, I have to go back to the ceviche. I can't get over it! It's shrimp, fish, octopus, chivitas (a local river snail), tomatoes, onions, chili, lime, spices and magical Caribbean unidentifiable yum. It's crazy delicious! And the serving is huge. The one you see in the picture is the medium size. It's pretty incredible. OK, I'll stop with the seafood mania (for now).

I have to say, everything about this place makes me happy: the food, the breeze, the friendly patrons, the cheerful staff, the random street musicians, the plastic chairs, all of it. My most sincere desire is that this place never changes no matter how many tourist discover it.

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