Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NaNoWriMo: Finding the Time

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NaNoWriMo comes at such an insanely busy time. Work is flowing (yay), the weather keeps inspiring backyard BBQs (yum), and birthdays and holiday preparations are here (eek). Oh, and so is of course the whole novel-writing extravaganza.

So I've found time to write where there otherwise would have been none: in my car.

Wait! Don't send scolding emails yet. I have not become a highway hazard. What I've done is clip my microphone to my collar and switch on my recorder. I have a little iAudio--love it, BTW. I do this sometimes at the gym or when I go for walks.

It's a handy solution and has actually helped my keep moving forward. When I sit down to write, since the idea is not so new anymore, I find myself able to add more, increasing my word count and the quality of the story (increased 'quality' being oh so relative in a rough draft). And doing this leaves more of my daytime hours available to be with my people, so it's a nice balance.

How do you guys find time to write?

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