Thursday, November 6, 2008

Accidental Character Development

duck, city, reflection, walkingThis year's one-month writing marathon has taken some interesting turns. Not only did I change genres three times before I even started writing, I've included completely bizarre names and odd characters keep cropping up.

Of course, while they are 100% fictional, they are based on real people. There's nothing unusual about that. What is definitely funny is how many odd ducks can be found in one city.

Take the cellophane wrap collector. He's a guy that roams about near SMU collecting cellophane. Yes, cellophane. Clear to be precise.

So don't be surprised if you're sitting outside drinking coffee, and a fairly normal, clean-cut looking guy (quite possibly a SMU student) requests the cellophane wrapper off your Madeleine cookie, for example.

And for what purpose? The world may never know. He only responds that he likes to collect them.

I haven't worked him into the story yet, but I'm very tempted.

Who is inspiring your characters? Maybe I can work them in and entangle them in a cellophane conspiracy.

Pic by awestlan

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  1. Good luck with National Novel Writing Month.

    I'm not sure who is inspiring my characters. I suppose it's my 11 year old self, as that is the age of my protagonist.



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