Monday, September 15, 2008

I Messed with the Code!

Another success on my path to Geekdom!

There is something completely intoxicating about messing with code for those of us with expertise outside the fascinating innards of computer programs. It's like getting to do mini-surgery without the needles and yuck. But I digress.

I added an add to link to the footer of my post!

Then, I added the icon and reordered the three lines of my footer. When I hit save, I literally held my breath waiting for the site to load. I bit my lip in fear of the reproving red letters detailing a complicated error I probably wouldn't even be able to understand.

Then... YES! I got the code to do exactly what I intended!

What a rush. I swear, this must be what it's like to sky dive. And it's a whole lot safer to boot.

Three small achievements to be sure. But these little achievements add up to one notable success in my book. I'm very proud.

So have a read, leave me comments--I love comments...all bloggers do--and, if you like what you read, bookmark it on Delicious.


  1. I keep trying to explain to people how my job is just like skydiving, but nobody believes me. :-) NOW you understand! Use your new powers only for good!

  2. You are my Geek Yoda! Sleep easy, I more Jedi than Darth.


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