Saturday, August 2, 2008

Woozy Musey

Pic by NomadicEntrepreneur

I can always tell when it's time to get away from my computer. The voice in my head starts sounding drunk. The more I insist on tapping at my keyboard, the more intoxicated she sounds.

I wonder if Hemingway's drinking was related to this phenomenon. I mean, if he had a slurring voice in his head, would his drinking help him understand drunkanese better? Or did his inebriated state actually produce the reverse effect on his inner voice?

It's safe to say this train of thought is further evidence that I need to stop writing for a bit. Yes, a writer writes and persistence is the key to success. But clearly a completely tanked muse is of no use.

So, out I go into the 3D world to live, experience, and sober her up.


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