Friday, August 1, 2008

Repairing My Printer is Pointless

My printer is on the fritz, so I went to Circuit City to see if they could help me fix it. For $60 they'll look at it and tell me if they can or cannot do anything for me. 

Now granted, they'll apply the 60 bucks to the total if they are able to repair the thing, but of course---as we all know---it's better to just buy a new one for not much more. 
This system makes it very hard to be green about all the quickly-outdated easily-busted office toys we all have. I'm very annoyed about it. 

So it looks like I'll be buying a new printer and donating my old one. 

The trick is to find an organization with people that know how to get it functioning again so that someone else actually makes use of it. Otherwise, they'll just take the ink and a few parts and add to the enormous amounts of plastic waste overfilling our garbage dumps.


  1. Not sure if such a thing exists in Dallas, but here in Austin there is a special Goodwill store just for computer stuff. They can fix stuff like that for cheap and sell the printer again for a reduced price to somebody who can't afford full price.

  2. Thanks Ross! I'll definitely check it out. Mua!


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