Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Play Day

(Pic by Claudecf)
Yesterday was a near-perfect day. We had the best time.

Why near-perfect? Well, we drove out to Hurricane Harbor only to find that about 6 of the rides were closed for maintenance... and one was the Tornado.

The Tornado was the number one reason we chose the place. So we opted for returning at a later date and spent the day at the Rosemeade Rec Center in Carrollton. They have a couple of slides, a mini lazy river, and an enormous bucket that every few minutes dumps gallons and gallons of pool water on strategically situated patrons. We stood right under it!

I have to admit, I still won't leap of the high dive, but I did jump of the lower board... me and about 5 children under 10. Sad, I know. But my objective was to have fun, not scare the daylights out of myself.

So after much water play, we headed for Buffalo Wild Wings. Did you know they have trivia? I didn't. We didn't actually play, but now we know.

What we did do was fill up on wings and treat ourselves to a margarita.

And then... dum dum dum!

We went to see Dark Knite. It rocked!

Never mind that Batman is a fave for me (awesome hero with no superpowers that can still kick some serious butt), the cast was incredible. And the plot moves so fast that I still can't believe it's almost three hours long.

It was a perfect end to a perfect day. Yes, I deleted the "near."


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