Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mexico City Mixed Review

My trip to Mexico City was a mixture of wonderful and uncomfortable elements.

As far as the weather goes, it was gorgeous and spring-perfect during the day, and then rained most evenings. After being at 108 degrees Fahrenheit in Dallas, believe me, the rain and it's cooling effect was counted as good weather.

The second day there I had a headache (probably from the altitude) that lasted all day long.

By the third day, my eyes were stinging. For nine days they itched and felt gritty, irritated by the pollution. Now I know how hubby man feels when his allergies act up.

Even so, I loved being able to walk a couple of blocks and actually get somewhere. In Dallas a couple of blocks won't get me to a gas station.

The urban--truly urban--design of the Mexico City means fresh bread, meat, vegetables, etc., every day. Visits to the other side of the city could take hours. But those daily things are just a few blocks away.

Too bad that means playing chicken with the traffic and dealing with the cacophony that comes with hanging out in the 3rd most populated city in the world.


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