Monday, March 3, 2014

Wait… Are You Shrinking?

Why yes.

This blog started in 2007 and is now officially enormous and probably needs to be pruned. So for now, I'm hiding some of the old so that I can edit and reorganize… or not. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what I'll do with it.

Then funny part is that I was going to pull the whole thing, and then I saw people are still reading it. Yay! So as long as there's potential to connect with others, I  suppose I won't axe the whole thing. But yes, it needs to shrink.

Over the years, the bloggers that I interact with have changed, probably in part because I post less here than I used to. In looking at my Scribbler Pad visitors, there are quite a few of you that I don't know and would love to, so feel free to say hi in the comments and share your blog link (or twitter or wherever you like to publish).


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The NONEXISTENT Rockway Press Short Story Contest

Rockway Press never actually posted the winners of the 2007 contest. Their site has entirely disappeared, and they're on the Preditors and Editors list.