Monday, July 16, 2012

Chinese Snuff Bottles

Walking around a museum on a lazy, gray Sunday afternoon is a perfect end to a hectic and stressful week. It's quiet and calm, and there's something very soothing about being surrounded by beautiful things.

So after a short and pleasant trolley ride, we walked over to The Crow collection of Asian Art. (For Dallasites familiar with the trolleys, we rode on Petunia. I love that they have names.)

Some of the displays that especially caught my eye were these snuff bottles. There were, I think, four or five separate sets.

Asian art in general seems very detailed and delicate, so the smaller pieces are especially fascinating to me.

Each one of these snuff bottles is only maybe three inches tall. I know it's hard to see online, though I increased the contrast on the pictures a little, but every little element of every scene is still clearly there despite the small space.

Some are made of glass, others of porcelain, and others of jade. In all of them you can see every facial expression and the features of even the smallest hand.

Moving between these small artifacts and the wall hangings and the enormous Indian horse, made me enjoy the perfect tiny images of the bottles all the more.

I came home feeling relaxed, dreamy and content. This was definitely time well spent.


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