Friday, August 14, 2009

A Green Reference Guide

GoodGuideInspired by Eco Yogini's post on bamboo products and environmental ratings, I went on a hunt for information on eco-certifications and the like.

In my search for green standards, I ran into an article that mentioned GoodGuide. The site is still in its beta phase, but it's already a handy link. Definitely worth sharing. There are lists of products without HFCS (I swear, that stuff is impossible to avoid), feature articles, and rated products.

The rating system is nice. Everything is rated on three criteria:

  • Health Performance
  • Environmental Performance
  • Social Performance

And then there's an explanation for the why the product got the rating that it got. I like the transparency of the system.

If you know of other similar green rating systems, I'd be interested to check them out.


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