Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beware of Good Moods

I'm so happy today! I know rants are much more popular than explosive joy, but I can't help it. I'm just happy today. No reason, just am. Hubby man is watering the plants outside, I'm feeling inspired to write, part of my day requires novel reading, this cup of oatmeal is awesome... yep, just in a great mood.

I would love to figure out how this happens. Just two days ago I was in a horrible mood, also for no reason. I tried to distract myself into happy, but the furthest I got was basic indifference. Most notable bad-mood indicator: zero patience.

What's changed? Nothing. Just got up on the right side of the bed. Yay! And while the distraction game--Internet, TV, books, etc.--helped, it was more of a strategy to keep my grumpitude to myself, rather than improving my mood.

So today I'm reflecting on mood. As it turns out,according to an article in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, thinking about our own mood appears to increase our concern with the positive feelings linked to the decisions we make.

"The more mood is salient, the more attractive are alternatives that promise to maintain a positive mood or repair a negative one."

Sounds good? Well it's bad. And now I'm laughing!

Anyway, it's bad because a) we're deciding based on what we anticipate our mood to be after our decision, not on the quality of the decision itself, and b) we--imperfect little creatures that we are--often miscalculate what we will actually want or do (or really feel) once the decision is made.

There you have it. It's awesome to be in a great mood, and I'll ride this high tide for as long as it lasts, but I am definitely sticking to the cold hard facts for any decision I make while overwhelmingly cheerful.


  1. Well I appreciate a good mood entry just as much (if not more) then a scandalous rant. Both have qualitites I think all of us can appreciate.
    And since I'm reading this bright and early in the morning, I have no doubt I'll be thinking about my mood all day long.
    Tis a good thing~
    I enjoyed my visit here!

  2. Hi, Rebecca! Where did you go? I tried to wander over to your site today and clicked on My web page to find your new location, but ended up at a with a huge Not Found sing :/ Anyway, hope we reconnect at some point.


Thanks for the comment!


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