Friday, January 23, 2009

My Digital Lifestyle

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I'm about to overdose on media. But clearly not before posting this.

I have twitterific popping up tweets, eight active tabs on my browser, Adium chiming everyone's chat status at me, email pinging, the house phone, my cell phone, the fax machine, the radio, and my digital recorder playing back my voice notes.

I need a break before I break. My digital lifestyle is great, but every now and then I need to disconnect and listen to to real tweets... the kind birds make. I need the woosh to be not from the email I just sent, but from the wind.

You know?

Pic by Spekulator


  1. I've been at this for 15 years now and I'm all about productivity. Did you know computers were supposed to make things easier? Heck, I have an entire weekend ahead of me, learning how to work Outlook and import all my stuff from Vista Mail... but once it's done, it's supposed to be easier and more efficient, etc.

    ANYwho, I stayed away from Twitter for years because I didn't want yet another window/app open on my desktop - like you said, it's just all too much and it makes everything run slower, etc. But I found a way to integrate it into my AOL Instant Messenger (the very only worthwhile thing AOL has ever made). I posted how on The Cyberculturalist. Further, I show you how to use Ping.FM to update all your social networks status messages (stati?) in one fell swoop.

    So you have more time to listen to those birds twit, er tweet.

  2. enjoyed visiting your blog. this post was funny. looks like i will be dropping by again ;>O

  3. @ManoDogs Cool site (The Cyberculturalist). Right now I use twitterific. If you have a Mac, it keeps tweets in a small window of the lower right. I'll check out Ping.FM for sure. There are a ton of useful things out there. But I still need time in the tangible, get dirty, feel the Earth world, you know?

  4. I do! Thanks for the boost o' confidence. I'm setting about changing things up there via templates and what-not, like you have here, but I'm really into making my computer more productive and will feature many more posts like that one.

    I haven't messed with a Mac in years and years, so I hope you'll find some of it useful. A lot of the programs I talk about are cross-platform capable, but I'm a PC guy.

    Thanks again and good luck with it all! I'll be dropping by when I can.


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