Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Networking: What is the Right Size Group?

I went to a Meet Up last night in Las Colinas. It was small and pleasant, and I actually got a chance to get to know people a little.

Large networkings aren't bad. A lot of contacts can be made, but I have to wonder how many quality contact we truly make at those sorts of events.

It seems like I always invest most of my time in getting to know one to three people even at the more numerous gatherings. And it's because I can't imagine that all 80 of them will remember who I am and what I do.

Hard as I try, I can't remember that many people and all the details they shared with me. My husband seems to have a secret super power for total recall, but I wasn't blessed with his unique abilities.

Though I guess there's the argument of getting more business cards in circulation. Then again, the business cards I dig for when I need or would like to pass on a service belong to those few that I remember.

So what is the right size for a networking group?

Which works for you?


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