Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Water Out Of Thin Air

What the heck is an atmospheric water generator? I saw this ad that claims its product takes water vapor from the air and condensates it producing purified water that never goes stale. Stale?

OK, if you leave a glass of water out, dust gathers and it won't taste fresh... would it then be stale? That sounds kind of weird to me. tasteless, dusty, and insipid. I guess stale works. Anyway, I digress.

The idea of a dehumidifier sounds pretty cool, actually. I like the idea of water that hasn't been doped and cleaned before making it to my glass.

Wikipedia mentions, though, that these things "when placed in homes and offices will heat the area due to compressor air expelled into the room causing air conditioning systems to remain on."

There would be less waste from plastic bottles and water filters, but then there would be more electricity produced unnecessarily. The trick would be to find out which left the smaller print and then decide.

Still, it sounds like a good alternative and definitely one worth looking into.


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