Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Word of the Day: Lepidoptera

Why? We are unwillingly co-habitating with a bunch of lepidopteras.

I'm being accosted by grain moths! It's the second time I have a fluttering cupboard. At first I thought pest control didn't get them all, that maybe this second batch was still related to the first... and it's possible, but doubtful. How long can they possibly take to hatch from their cacoons?

No, these suckers are new. They had to have come in with a new grain purchase. The problem is, which one? I shop at several stores for all sorts of things: rice, couscous, sesame seeds, pasta, bulghur--the list goes on.

With this infestation, we found more in the flour than anywhere else, but that doesn't mean they came in on the flour truck. They just really like flour.

So far we've cleaned out the pantry and been on a moth-hunting mission with a spray bottle of water and Pinesol. It works like a charm. They literally drop mid flight.

Now I have to find a sexy trap. It's a sticky trap that has female pheromones. When the male moths catch a whiff, they get randy and a make a bee-line for the ambuscade. Just like modern dating. Ha ha ha!

Ahem. Anyway, I have moth issues.


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