Monday, April 28, 2008

Word Love

As a wordie (logophile, word-lover), I totally dig dictionaries. Some I find during a particular project, and others I stumble on while deliberately surfing for glossaries.

I know-- it's not exactly skydiving, but as a linguist I can't help but get a thrill out of it. Check out some of my toys:

Wait! Before you start, if you're easily offended, I suggest you not click on anything with the word "slang" or "urban" in the title.

Ok, now go for it.

VisuwordsThe Online Slang Dictionary
Urban Dictionary
Wookipedia - Star Wars Slang!!
Memory Alpha - Star Trek Slang (I just had to.)
Kelas Bahasa - Jakarta kok dong!
Dictionary of Indian English
Inglish English

If you have a link to a cool glossary, I'd love to take a peek. Share the link.


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